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Whenever I try using Chrome, I get a message saying "Not signed in to Chrome".

Is it necessary to have a user profile in order to use Chrome?

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Why not just ignore it? – gronostaj Mar 21 '13 at 10:15

Yes and no. There's a local user profile which stores your bookmarks, cookies and other preferences, and you need this to be able to access them. The Google login lets you sync these things between systems and is optional, but google tends to nag you about it. Logging out has no effect outside disabling sync.

You can create new users without linking them to a Google account, I believe, or just not sign in at all if you mean the Google login.

If you totally do not want to use a profile, I guess Incognito mode is the closest thing to that. You'd probably need to use this all the time though.

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No but you are missing a better experience, if you have multiple computers you can not only share bookmarks but also tabs open. On my Android phone I can open pages I left open on my home computer.

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Yes you can use chrome without logging in, but if you log in you can sync all your browser history, bookmarks, and cookies. so when you use another system or mobile device , log in with the same account, you will get all your personal data back, that browser will behave like your home system browser. Reason why you should sign in

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Yes, it is possible to use Chrome without signing in. The only problem, though, would be that whenever you open Chrome, you won't be taken to your homepage. You will be taken to the Chrome Sign-In page every time!

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There is a "No Thanks" link under the sign-in form. This will stop it from asking whenever Chrome starts.

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