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I want to be able to name my tmux windows and select them using fuzzy matching (similar to LustyJuggler or Ctrl-P in vim).

Is this possible with tmux?

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Tmux can't do that by default.

Google doesn't return many results and this question is number two or three depending on the query but these zsh scripts might be interesting.

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I don't think that's necessary.

You can see the index of every window at the status line, then a PREFIX+number will bring you anywhere you want, much quicker than any search.

If you have so much windows to need a search, maybe they are too much.

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I think you can not easily judge what's necessary for the OP... For example, I do not use multiple tmux windows, but separate terminal windows - about 20, often - on 16 virtual screens. My firefox has about 100 tabs open normally - do you think that's too much? I don't (Ok, sometimes...). – Volker Siegel Mar 25 at 6:43

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