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What is the best way to try some confirgures with Emacs(for instatce Prelude and emacs-live)

  1. To have such structure ~/.emacs-prelude, ~/.emacs.d-prelude and ~/.emacs-live, ~/.emacs.d-live. And remove appropriate suffix, every tive when I whant to try some config. I can make script for fast renaming, depending on passed options.
  2. To have only "init" files separated(~/.emacs-prelude and ~/.emacs-live) and ~/.emacs.d - in common, so I can start emacs -q -l ~/.emacs-prelude.el . But I have to merge my .emacs.d dirs from both before. Not sure about conflicts in this case...

So, my goal is to achieve something like this: emacs-start --live(--prelude) ....

P.S. Should I deal with site-file? What if I want to save bookmarks and use them with both configurations?...

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The best way to change emacs configurations is to use symbolic links for .emacs and .emacs.d/. Just point them to the configuration you are currently interested in.

Using links, you can also share things like bookmarks between configurations.

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