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I have a column of text with values concatenated by my bank, as in a typical monthly statement.

Here is an example (column A240):


I'm trying to set the value of a separate column to be the numeric value of the dollar amount. Here is the current formula currently, set up in column G240:


I am expecting to see 10.05 in the result, but what shows up there is $33.00 (column is set to currency). The raw value going into it is 33, shown if I hit default formatting.

Is there something wrong with my regex, or am I just missing some options? I have tried showing =CLEAN(A240) and everything looks like it does in A240 so I know the formula's receiving all the necessary data.

Any thoughts or improvements?



I realized that the search function returns the position of the regex, not the string. After reading this, I updated the formula and now it works as expected:

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Hi and welcome to SU. Thanks for reporting back with your solution, please post it as an answer and accept it so the question can be marked as answered. – terdon Mar 28 '13 at 0:37
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With a bit of help from pnuts pointing me in the right direction, I figured out the OpenOffice Calc way of doing it without REGEX:


Note the use of semicolons and the missing bracket.

Using REGEX solved my issue in March though, I solved it this way:

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Use single quotes. This worked with egrep, but double quotes didn't work with egrep.

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Unfortunately using single quotes gives a #NAME? error, instead of a wrong result. – user209448 Mar 22 '13 at 8:19

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