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I love KDirStat (or equivalent) but I would like to be able to run it on remote host (which doesn't have X11 installed). Is there anything avaible (and free) which will allow me to get a treemap of the disk usage remotely (Ideally on a webbrowser ) ?

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I found a nice script here that can do what you need. There was a bug in the original script which I corrected, you can download my corrected version from here. So, log on to the remote server and run these commands:

  1. Download the script

    curl -o duHTMLtree ''
  2. Make it executable

    chmod a+x duHTMLtree
  3. Use du (a standard *ix program) to create directory size data. I will use the /usr directory as an example, change it as appropriate.

    du -k /usr > usr.txt
  4. Run the script to create html output showing files of >50M.

    ./duHTMLtree -s50M '-tMy Disk Tree' -n'My Disk' -c1 usr.txt > usr.html
  5. As long as the file usr.html is accessible from the internet, you can access it in your browser. You can see examples of the output at the script's original site here and here.

For more information and documentation on the script's usage, see the original author's site.

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Use the qdirstat-cache-writer or kdirstat-cache writer Perl script on your server, copy the file to your desktop machine and view it there with QDirStat / KDirStat.

See also

-- HuHa (KDirStat / QDirStat author)

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One web-based option would be Philesight, which is a graphical disk usage solution that works in your browser.

You could also mount the remote machine's filesystem locally to be able to use your kdirstat. If you are using a windows machine as your local workstation then mounting the filesystem locally would not be ideal since you can't run kdirstat on windows.

Another option would be to use an application called baobab which is gtk based. It's more lightweight that kdirstat so the system requirements would be lower to install it on the remote machine but would still need some base X11 libraries.

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I guess I X11 installed on the remote machine to be able to install KDirStat, that's not a option. I'm looking for an alternative to KDirStat. – mb14 Mar 22 '13 at 15:59
@mb14, what is your local machine's operating system? – cmevoli Mar 22 '13 at 22:46
@mb14, I added a web-based solution to my answer that will work regardless of your local machine's operating system. – cmevoli Mar 22 '13 at 23:06
debian-squeeze. I'll have alook a philesight – mb14 Mar 23 '13 at 20:11

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