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At some point yesterday, the clipboard on my VM stopped working. The VM is a Windows Server 200 Standard SP2 running in Windows VirtualPC, itself running on Windows7 Enterprise.

I can "copy" and "cut" text -- but nothing pastes (cut is particularly galling, since the target cannot be restored, except by Undo. Which does work).

Ctrl-C, or right-click >> copy, both fail. Ctrl-V or right-click >> paste fail -- the latter isn't even available, paste is greyed-out.

I can copy and paste text from my host into the VM. I cannot copy and paste from the VM into the host.

I've run ProcMon filtered down to clip.exe and nothing appears. (this also appears to be the case in my host machine; apparently clip.exe is not the main clipboard) However, when I pipe dir | clip from the shell, I do get entries. (but the output is not available via paste). Again, nothing that jumps out at me.

I've rebooted the VM several times, disabled, and re-enabled integration features.

I've checked the event log, but don't see anything significant (mostly about network printers).

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This is NOT the same as VM<=>Host as seen @… – Michael Paulukonis Mar 22 '13 at 15:48

I did another complete shutdown of the VM and a complete shutdown of the Host PC.

After restarting the host and the VM, paste was now available.

Unknown what "resolved" the situation.

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I'm holding off accepting my own answer for a few days, in the hopes that somebody shows up with something technical. I hate reboot-voodoo. – Michael Paulukonis Mar 23 '13 at 19:08

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