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I'm using Windows 8 Pro with Hyper-V 6.2 I successfully installed Ubuntu 12.10 server into the Hyper-V, but until now way I'm not able to connect it to my network. I created internal and external virtual switch, both pointing to the the physical adapter on the host machine, and nothing.

Maybe there is some step I didn't do, or software i need to install.

Hope some of you can give me a hint.

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I recommend using the Hyper-V management console to manage your virtual machine. I haven't had the privilege of using Windows 8 Hyper-V, but I manage a couple of Hyper-V servers. You can download the Windows 8 RSAT tools from Microsoft, which comes with the Hyper V management console. Once you have that installed point it to your localhost.

Now, make sure you external network is set to the proper network card of your hyper-v server. In my example my external network is connected to the gigabit ethernet nic of my physical machine. To get to this menu, right click on your hyper v server from the management console, and select 'Virtual Network Manager'.

enter image description here

After that, for your VM settings, select the same Network that you configured for external access in the previous step.

enter image description here

And last (or first?) make sure That the physical computer has access to the network.

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