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I have installed XAMPP on a server PC.

I want to access it from other PC through MySQLWorkbench or even access it through server IP and PHPMyAdmin page.

I tried configuring the httpd-xampp.conf file but no use. I saw somewhere to edit MySQL file but don't know where to start editing.

What I want is that have a server with MySQL installed on it and 5-6 computers can access its database. We want to work in team, I don't want everyone to have different database copy and integrating everything in the end.

I already have installed VisualSVN on that server. But the MySQL issue is still remaining.

Can anyone guide me how to make it work?

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I removed the xampp from the server. and Downloaded and Installed the MySQL Community Server Installer from the mysql website

Everything it asks on installations, Assigned username and password during installation of mysql community server. Everything worked like a charm.

Then connected the mysql work bench from other pc to the server using ip and port and password(which i provided to the mysql server during its installation on the server).

Now everything is working Great.. :)

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The lesson being, I guess, while XAMPP is easy, sometimes it sucks ;p – Journeyman Geek Mar 30 '13 at 7:37

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