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I've got a docx file with many figures, all do not fit the margins of the document. I can manually adjust the sizes of the figures in the file, but would love to have some way to automate this (either from Word, from a command line tool, or any other means).

(PS: this is a follow-up to this question)

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I'm sure this is possible with VBA, i.e. iterate through all embedded images in the doc and resize them to fit within the current page margins. – Karan Mar 23 '13 at 1:20
Thanks Karan, should I ask this in SO than? – Tal Galili Mar 23 '13 at 1:22
Macros are on-topic here too, so I'd recommend waiting for answers here for a while. – Karan Mar 23 '13 at 1:24
o.k, thanks Karan. – Tal Galili Mar 23 '13 at 1:25

You can do this with the following VBA code. It counts the shapes in the document, checks their width against the available space on the page, and resizes if necessary. Note that Word has two different collections for Shapes and InlineShapes, hence the two different For loops. Also, it uses a series of If/ElseIf statements to identify the page width based on standard paper sizes. Currently, the only options are letter size in either portrait or landscape, but you can add more ElseIfs for any paper sizes you need.

Sub ResizePic() ' ResizePic Macro ' Resizes an image Shapes = ActiveDocument.Shapes.Count InLines = ActiveDocument.InlineShapes.Count 'Sets the variables to loop through all shapes in the document, one for shapes and one for inline shapes. RightMar = ActiveDocument.PageSetup.RightMargin LeftMar = ActiveDocument.PageSetup.LeftMargin PaperType = ActiveDocument.PageSetup.PaperSize PageLayout = ActiveDocument.PageSetup.Orientation 'Sets up variables for margin sizes, paper type, and page layout. ' This is used to find the usable width of the document, which is the max width for the picture. If PaperType = wdPaperLetter And PageLayout = wdPortrait Then WidthAvail = InchesToPoints(8.5) - (LeftMar + RightMar) ElseIf PaperType = wdPaperLetter And PageLayout = wdLandscape Then WidthAvail = InchesToPoints(11) - (LeftMar + RightMar) End If 'Identifies the usable width of the document, based on margins and paper size. For ShapeLoop = 1 To Shapes MsgBox Prompt:="Shape " & a & " width: " & ActiveDocument.Shapes(a).Width If ActiveDocument.Shapes(ShapeLoop).Width > WidthAvail Then ActiveDocument.Shapes(ShapeLoop).Width = WidthAvail End If Next ShapeLoop 'Loops through all shapes in the document. Checks to see if they're too wide, and if they are, resizes them. For InLineLoop = 1 To InLines MsgBox Prompt:="Inline " & b & " width: " & ActiveDocument.InlineShapes(InLineLoop).Width If ActiveDocument.InlineShapes(InLineLoop).Width > WidthAvail Then ActiveDocument.InlineShapes(InLineLoop).Width = WidthAvail End If Next InLineLoop 'Loops through all shapes in the document. Checks to see if they're too wide, and if they are, resizes them. End Sub
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