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I'm trying to switch my left shift+ button with my x+ key on the keyboard. I tried Lshift::x but what happened was BOTH keys now had the functionality of just x. I looked at Problem with rebinding Ctrl to Capslock using Autohotkey and it seems that this could fix my problem but I have no idea how to convert their answer to something that I can use. Would someone be able to do this? Thank you!

Edit, this didn't work:

   Gui, 93:+Owner ; prevent display of taskbar button
   Gui, 93:Show, y-99999 NA, Enable nav-hotkeys: x
   Send {LShift Down}
   KeyWait, Shift ; wait until the Shift button is released
   Gui, 93:Cancel
   Send, {LShift Up}

 #IfWinActive , Enable nav-hotkeys: hjkl

   x::Send {Blind}{LShift Up}{Left}{LShift Down}

 #IfWinActive, ; end context-sensitive block

... of course putting the window after the ifwinactive's

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You need two lines Lshift::x and x::Lshift. See Remapping Keys and Buttons. – Bavi_H Mar 23 '13 at 0:20
Wow thanks man i feel dumb haha – Cory Mar 23 '13 at 2:59

Two lines are required:

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