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I'm looking for a Windows calculator that has a dual dec/hex display.
That is, assuming I'm adding in Hex mode, I want to have another line showing me the decimal value of my current Hex calculation.
Something like:
Display1: 0x1000
Display2: 4096

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I have been using PCalc from analogX since I can remember.
It is a calculator aimed at programmers. You can type stuff just as you would in 'C' or a few other programming languages for that matter.
A great feature is that all results are displayed in various ways: dec, hex, oct, bin etc.. You can mix the different bases to your liking.
e.g.: 0xcee + 3310
or even more 'advanced' stuff like: sin(0xcee)
as well as all other operations known from programming: 0xcee >> 3, !1, ^0xcee

It can be downloaded for free from AnalogX website.

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Not exactly what I was looking for - but a good headway :) – David דוד Mar 28 '13 at 19:22

If you’re using Windows 7 then it’s got an in-built calc to do this without needing to download third-party calcs.

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