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I have ComputerA with account A@outlook.com and ComputerB with account B@hotmail.com.

ComputerA and ComputerB have a few shared folders and I would like for them to be accessible by both A@outlook.com and B@hotmail.com.

How can I get ComputerA to recognize B@hotmail.com and ComputerB to recognise A@outlook.com in the Select Users or Groups permissions dialog?

This is a home network, so there is no domain-based environment. Each computer only shows it's name as a location.

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Add the accounts to the credential manager:



enter image description here

When you now connect to the other PC, Windows uses the username / password.

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Windows 8 accounts seem to not work properly with credentials. Windows 7 accounts work fine. In the end, I gave up and changed the permissions of all the folders to the HomeUsers group –  SkyNT Mar 25 '13 at 8:50

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