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I have a VT420 that displays 80 columns and 24 lines. I would like to use it with 132 columns and 48 lines.

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First you need to make sure you have a terminfo entry that supports this. tic and infocmp are your friends. Secondly, you may need to get hold of documentation for the VT420 (if you can't find it you may be able to reverse engineer it from this) and modify the terminfo file as necessary.

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  1. Press F3. The terminal will display the Set-Up screen.
  2. Arrow down to the Display field.
  3. Press enter. The terminal will display the Display Set-Up screen.
  4. Arrow down to 24 Lines/Screen field.
  5. Press enter to change setting to 48 lines.
  6. Press F3 to exit set-up.
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