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I've got a two monitor setup for working on my computer, but would prefer to have just a single monitor active for family use on one particular user account. Is there a way to have Vista remember different configurations for different user accounts?

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Use UltraMon's Display Profiles:

Display profiles make it easy to switch between different desktop configurations. A profile stores the display mode, position and state (enabled/disabled) of each monitor, as well as which monitor is primary (changing the primary is only supported on Windows 2000/XP and later).

If your computer is used by more than one person, you can use display profiles to set up custom display configurations for each user. Whenever a user logs in, his or her display settings will be applied. Windows XP Fast User Switching is supported.

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This program : "XP Keep per User Display Settings" is reported to also work in Vista.
I quote:

The program is launched for each and every user -- don't worry, it's rather small -- and monitors the following events:

  • switching among active users
  • users logging off

Each time such an event occurs the current user's display settings are saved in that user's part of the registry.
Conversely, each time a user logs in or becomes active, his/her saved settings are restored.

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