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Can I use pattern matching with the copy or move command?

What I wanted to do is copy the file a.txt from D:\1\2\datehere\a.txt to another folder let us say D:\new.

The problem is that the source path folder is a date as a folder name which keeps changing. The files to be copied inside that stay a.txt and some other files. So how to copy a.txt to another folder.

Can I use something like pattern matching or do you have any other idea?

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How do you know what anyname is? Suppose there's another subdirectory someothername - how would you know to copy a.txt from anyname rather that 'someothername`? – Peter Wright Mar 22 '13 at 8:29
@PeterWright i have edited my question. The folder will be having name as the date(current date). So it keeps on changing. – IT researcher Mar 22 '13 at 9:17
OK - so next question - in which date format? Personally, I use YYYYMMDD but my display format is dd/mm/yy. When you execute ECHO %date% what do you see - and how would the date portion of your directoryname be structured? Would the directoryname have been created today? Would it simply be the latest directoryname - or the latest directoryname containing the file if it's possible for the directory to be created after your target but not contain the file? – Peter Wright Mar 22 '13 at 9:24

This searches in %userprofile% for the first folder with today's date as it's name and copies a.txt from there to the %temp% folder. Please assign your paths as needed.

@echo off &setlocal
set "StartFolder=%userprofile%"
set "TargetFolder=%temp%"
set "FileMask=a.txt"

set "SourceFolder="
for /d /r "%StartFolder%" %%i in (*.*) do if not defined SourceFolder if "%%~nxi" equ "%date%" set "SourceFolder=%%~i"
if not defined SourceFolder echo Folder %date% not found&goto:eof
copy "%SourceFolder%\%FileMask%" "%TargetFolder%"
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