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I'm trying to capture an image from my webcam (Raspberry Pi, Rasbpbian). Using the following command:

uvccapture -v

I get the following output:

Using videodevice: /dev/video0
Saving images to: snap.jpg
Image size: 320x240
Taking snapshot every 0 seconds
Taking images using mmap
Unable to set format: 22.
 Init v4L2 failed !! exit fatal

Any suggestions? What exactly is error 22? I didn't have any luck googling it. I tried adding the -r flag but instead it then produced the error /dev/video0 does not support read i/o.

I've managed to get the webcam to work using motion but it's not suitable for my needs.


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Try to add the -m switch. It tells the program to use another color format. It worked fine with my camera on my RPi.

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