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I have a lot of audio files that I want to change in different ways depending on which ones they are. Is there a way on Windows 7 or a program that can do the following?

  1. Turn all lower cased files to upper cased. e.g. low key > Low Key
  2. Give all the same genre.
  3. Replace filename with Artist and Title. e.g. 1-trackartist-songone > Artist - Song One
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Also related: – you just need a proper MP3 tag editor, of which there are plenty. – slhck Mar 24 '13 at 16:04
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MP3Tag will let you massively change genre and rename files based on tags (Convert menu -> Tag - Filename). I think this solves the letter case issue too.

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Have you tried tagscanner, I have previously used this to retag and rename a lot of my flac music, it supports mp3 and many other audio formats.

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