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Is it possible to convert OpenVPN traffic into a SOCKS proxy locally, so that applications can use the VPN only when needed by connecting to the SOCKS proxy?

I'm aiming for something like Underleech Seedboxes, but I don't have their opvn file, so I'm attempting to replicate this. This question Is it possible to route only a specific application through a VPN? is what I'm aiming to do, but I'm running on a Windows machine, and the answer did not provide a concrete solution.


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I think you have made your question unnecessarily complicated. A proxy and a VPN do two different tasks. If what you want to do is send traffic from specific applications through a VPN, that is one question. If you want to send traffic from specific apps through a proxy, that is a second question. You do not configure a VPN on one side and use proxy settings on the other side to connect. Nor can you use a VPN connection to connect to a proxy. Can not work, period. You can VPN to a server that also has a proxy set up, and then use that servers proxy if both services are available. – Everett Sep 9 '14 at 14:12

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