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I want to always use "screen" in any terminal.

i've added into my ~/.profile a new line: "screen",

just like it said here:

but it just didn't have any effect on any new session.

i'm using backtrack 5 r3, and logging locally as root.

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please read this:… hope it help – Jawad Al Shaikh Mar 24 '13 at 9:43
1) Did you add screen or something like /usr/local/bin/screen? 2) if you did not use the full path to the screen binary, where do you set the path? (Before or after you try to start screen?). 3) Are you sure .profile is being used? (Add something like echo "Yup, it is being used!" to your .profile. – Hennes Mar 24 '13 at 15:29

Try to add it to ~/.bashrc

vi ~/.bashrc

My ~/.bashrc (Add screen under the existing text).

alias l='ls -al'
alias sshvps='ssh'

Source ~./bashrc by using source ~/.bashrc or open another terminal session.

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