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I'm synching bookmarks etc. with Google Chrome across devices. Now I created a 2nd Chrome user (to have different bookmarks at work which still sync) but when I switch to that Chrome-user and try to login it says:

This account is already used on the computer.

How can I get around this? I don't feel like creating a 2nd Google account for that purpose.

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How do you create a 2nd Chrome user without creating a 2nd Google account? If the two accounts are the same person then maybe just have a separate "Work" folder for work-related bookmarks? – w3dk Mar 25 '13 at 11:58
You can create multiple user-account in Chrome's settings. Having a seperate "Work" folder would be the easiest options but at work my browser-configuration and extensions are different. Also I don't want to merge passwords of both profiles etc. – Hedge Mar 25 '13 at 12:14

There is no need to run multiple Chrome profiles if you want to use one and the same Google account.

Probably what you want is to run multiple separate instances of Chrome, since this would allow you to use one and the same Google account, therefore sync all the bookmarks, extensions, settings etc., but have different logins, for instance, on Facebook or any other non Google websites and services.

As of 2014-10-05, the easiest way to run multiple profiles, versions or instances of Chrome is to use Google Chrome Portable, downloaded from:

Currently I'm running 4 separate instances of Google Chrome v37.0.2062.124. One instance is installed and three other instances of Google Chrome are portable.

Here's how my Windows 7 Taskbar looks like when all 4 instances of Chrome are opened and running:

enter image description here

If you want to change Google Chrome icon that is shown on the Windows Taskbar once Google Chrome is started, then you should follow this link: Is it possible to customize taskbar icons? If so how?

The answer is given in comments: you need to change icons that are stored in chrome.dll using Resource Tuner (use Trial version) or Resource Hacker (free).

I've used IcoFX (Trial version) to generate various .ico icons.

The use of multiple Chrome profiles DOESN'T ALLOW to use one and the same Google account, running multiple separate Chrome instances DOES.

Good luck!

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Are you on Chrome Canary? if not get Canary at, then click the menu icon, go to options, Users. Delete that user which is labeled as "current", and sign in

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