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When you have a table called sheep and you would like to call it c what would be the correct way to do this in phpMyAdmin when writing the query

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SELECT sheep_atribute FROM sheep AS c; ? – Vucko Mar 25 '13 at 8:02
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Go to your phpMyAdmin database where the table is stored and go to the "SQL" tab.
Then proceed with this command:

RENAME TABLE table_name TO new_table_name

Or when you don't need to rename the table permanently you can use the AS statement

FROM    sheep AS c
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phpMyadmin is just an interface to access your database.

you can use mysql ALIASING to call it by different name or words for example

SELECT c.* FROM sheep c;

here c refers to table sheep so whenever you want to refer to sheep tables column you use the alias c.

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It is called ALIAS. The basic syntax is:

FROM    Sheep AS c

And AS is optional.

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You can give alias name like below query

Select * from sheep c
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SELECT c.* FROM sheep c 

This is The Answer

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