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I am creating a new Windows Embedded 7 image and I am at the stage of selecting packages to include in the image. In the process, I am trying to disable some bloated, annoying packages (Application Security, which includes UAC for example).

However once I click "Resolve Dependences" (excluding optional dependencies), Application Security gets rechecked.

My ultimate goal is to identify the package that depends on Application Security and kill it with fire.

Is there a 100% comprehensive list of package dependencies so I can quickly scan through it, identify which packages I want to exclude, and remove the necessary dependencies? I have looked through the help files but they did not help.

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I found that Group Policy Management is the dependency. Too bad I can't get rid of that. – TYale Mar 25 '13 at 18:29
I gave up and installed the trial Windows 7 Toolkit. It has a searchable help file with information on dependencies. – TYale Mar 25 '13 at 18:32

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