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OK, I am stumped...

I recently set up an Ubuntu Server on an old SS4200-E; since it is completely headless (no way all all to connect a display, no console port, nothing), I installed Ubuntu Server 12.04 on a different system, then moved the hard drive to the SS4200.

Here's the odd thing--when I installed the server (core + openSSH) on an old Deskstar 500G drive, the system booted fine, came up -- and I am able to SSH to it.

I then installed the server (exact same options) on a Caviar Black 1TB -- and it doesn't boot. I see disk activity, then nothing. Does not respond to Pings, can't SSH.

I moved the drive back to my build system -- first it said the ELF header was smaller than expected. I reinstalled, tried again -- no joy. Moved it back, it was stuck at the grub boot screen.

I did the fix at this site, and on the build system it boots immediately. Reinstall in the SS4200; no joy again.

Am I doing something wrong?

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SS4200 has a PCIe 1x slot. so do yourself a favor and buy a PCIe 1x to 16x flex riser cable from ebay for like $3. use it to install a video card into your SS4200 - just for the installation and trouble-shooting

enter image description here

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Try it with an Image of your 500gb HDD. Make an Image of your System partition from the 500gb HDD and copy it over the 1TB HDD.

For example dd on Linux or Acronis on Windows Hostsystem.

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