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I've been using Komodo Edit to work on a Django project.

It works great except for one little annoyance: When I am editing Django template files, Komodo likes to put red squiggly lines underneath the first HTML tag that follows a Django tag, because it thinks it is an invalid HTML doc (although it isn't, it just has Django template tags/filters in it).

Note that this red squiggly line is called a "Linter error" in the docs that I can find.

Is there some way to turn off this red squiggly for only a specific type of language? It's nice to have when working on Python code but it's annoying to have a red squiggly on every single one of my Django templates.

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I was able to get a response with a workaround for this on the ActiveState forums:

I needed to go to


and edit

Adding the following method to the class turns off the linter for django files only:

def get_linter(self):
    return None
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You might ask on one of Activestate's KOMODO mail lists. The devs read it, so you'll most likely get a good answer.

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thanks, ill look into it – TM. Nov 25 '09 at 17:40

You can also edit the style under preferences to be 'hidden'.
Edit->Preferences->Fonts and Colors->Indicators (tab)-> Style: (look for Hidden).

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