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I connected an HP 1000 J110 to my server which I access via ssh. Listing the USB ports it recognized it. Also I Pasted the PPD on the /etc/cups/ppd/ folder... Is the ppd my pc uses to print when attached directly to the PC.

I Use lpstat -p

and it shows the printer there :

printer DESKJET-1000-J110 is idle.  enabled since Fri 22 Mar 2013 08:05:33 PM UTC

Then I use:

lp -d DESKJET-1000-J110 filetoprint.txt

request id is DESKJET-1000-J110-111 (1 file(s))

and it appears that the file is sent to the printer, and actually appear as completed, but it just doesn't print anything.

I Also tryed with HPLip And when trying to run hp-setup it says:

error: No device selected/specified or that supports this functionality.

I checked and this printer IS supported by hplip.

What am I missing?

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The solution was not that complicated. I used the following code: (Erased before the existing printers using lpadmin -x PrinterName)

To view my URI:

lpinfo -v

I got this:

:~# lpinfo -v
network http
network socket
direct scsi
network lpd
network ipp
serial serial:/dev/ttyS0?baud=115200
direct usb://HP/Deskjet%201000%20J110%20series?serial=CN19S21RWB05D2
network beh

The direct usb part is the URI.

I had already a ppd file. So I copied it to /etc/cups/ppd/

Then I added the printer using:

:~# lpadmin -p Deskjet-1000-J110-series -E -v usb://HP/Deskjet%201000%20J110%20series?serial=CN19S21RWB05D2 -m /etc/cups/ppd/Deskjet-1000-J110-series.ppd 

I got this error: lpadmin: Unable to copy PPD file!

As it was already specified (the ppd file) .. I ran a test

lp -d Deskjet-1000-J110-series fileToPrint

And.. printed...

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