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At work I have to access the Internet through a proxy. The proxy I have it set on the LAN to make it clearer let a screenshot.

enter image description here

The problem is that the proxy filters high traffic sites like YouTube. Sometimes I need to use some of these sites and I access them through "anonymizer proxies" or Tor Browser.

Can I set up a proxy chain to use for specific sites only? For example:

YouTube → Internet proxy → My work proxy → Internet

For other sites, I'd use my normal work proxy only.

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Try this – Windows platform proxy chaining:

Sockschain is a program that allows to work with any Internet service through a chain of SOCKS or HTTP proxies to hide the real IP-address. SocksChain can function as a usual SOCKS-server that transmits queries through a chain of proxies. SocksChain can be used with client programs that do not support the SOCKS protocol, but work with one TCP-connection, such as TELNET, HTTP, IRC... (FTP uses 2 connections). And your IP-address will not be seen in the server's logs or mail headers;

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