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I followed the instructions from previous posts on superuser to try and install cygwin including xorg-server as well as trying the alternative of bringing up X windows using Xming (including setting up the fonts), but I can't get any X windows to show up from my cygwin console:

$ xeyes
Error: Can't open display:

I tried with emacs, but only opens as emacs -nw would do.

Even though I installed xorg-server (and everything else under the xorg-* section), I don't seem to have startxwin installed:

$ startxwin
-bash: startxwin: command not found

Any ideas? Could it be related to security issues like an antivirus software or something?

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Maybe you need to set your DISPLAY variable to tell Xorg where to display, try:

$ DISPLAY=:0.0 xeyes

:0.0 is the default display of Xming, you may need to change it accourding to your Xming parameters

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Install the xinit package in cygwin to get startxwin.

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I did but still doesn't let me have any X windows... – 719016 Apr 3 '13 at 9:13
Same here while using the experimental cygwin packages. Using the stable ones works for me. – Andrew Smart Jun 15 '13 at 18:50

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