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I'm trying to install kafka through their instructions on Ubuntu 12.04 and getting the following error

[error] File name too long

when I run

$ ./sbt package

whole error message:

[info] Building project Kafka 0.7.2 against Scala 2.8.0
[info]    using KafkaProject with sbt 0.7.5 and Scala 2.7.7
[info] == core-kafka / compile ==
[info]   Source analysis: 142 new/modified, 0 indirectly invalidated, 0 removed.
[info] Compiling main sources...
[error] File name too long
[error] one error found
[info] == core-kafka / compile ==
[error] Error running compile: Compilation failed
[info] Total time: 17 s, completed Mar 26, 2013 1:36:36 PM
[info] Total session time: 17 s, completed Mar 26, 2013 1:36:36 PM
[error] Error during build.

I cam across this explanation saying that they file system is encrypted and need to mount another point and install from there. Not too sure how to do that, or if this is the correct procedure. Hope someone can help, Thanks.

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Copy the kafka tgz file to a directory in a different filesystem. You can list the filesytems using the df command. The directory you attempted to install kafka will probably be in the / or /home filesystem. Then repeat the installation procedure.

As the document mentions, it's an ugly workaround. The alternative is to re-install ubuntu without the encrypted filesystem.

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Check whether directory in which you are trying to install kafka is encrypted...

try to run comment mount | grep ecryptfs

This Error occurs because of encrypted file system directory...

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