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I have recently started using Mac text to speech its hadny.

I use it to read articles online/blogs. Though i have found that it used to speak only selected text however now it start reading entire page and all links etc...

Few more things i found are as follows,

  • When i select text and select speak explicitly from menu of browser it reads selected text correctly
  • But when i select text and click option + esc key it reads entire page from all the way to menu and left navigator text etc

I have faced above behaviour for Wikipedia Site and some other as well.

I checked speak selected text option is checked in settings. enter image description here

Has anyone faced this issue and any idea why it does it like this. Any pointers would be helpful.

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After so many trials and error i could figure out that speak selected text in browser only works with Mac Safari and not for other browsers.

So i think that answer the question and might help someone else with the issue.

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Hmm, I use option+esc to read the selection all the time in Firefox on Lion... – Nickolay May 2 '13 at 20:45

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