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I try to use Autotype feature of KeePass (2.16) on credentials window of OpenVPN (v3, windows 7 x64). But it is not input any characters.

I try Hotkey and menu item "Autotype" in KeePass nothing happens.

Is there any known issue or workaround?

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It works fine for me, but I think it's important that the OpenVPN login window is the last focused window before performing the Autotype. Make sure to try this:

  1. Open the OpenVPN login prompt windows.
  2. Tab to/open KeePass and perform Autotype (Ctrl-V)

Hope it works.

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Problem is not actual now, than i don't use openvpn anymore. But just out of curiosity: What versions of OS, OpenVPN and KeePass you have? –  Ivan Solntsev Jan 13 at 7:42
Windows 8.1, OpenVPN Client v1.5.6 and KeePass v1.26 –  mikeng Jan 13 at 9:19
Well, thanks for input, but it quite different versions overall. keepass 1 is native C app, keepass 2 is .NET app, may be difference is here. If i ever use win8, i will test this combination. –  Ivan Solntsev Jan 14 at 7:55

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