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Found list of keyboard shortcuts for cloud9 ide. Most of them works good.

But this not working:

Quickly open a file. Press Alt-Shift-R (Option-Shift-R on Mac) to open the open file dialog and search for any file within your project.

I use google chrome on windows 7.

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That link doesn't seem to work any more (404), and this is the top hit in Google for "cloud 9 keyboard shortcuts." D'oh. – ashes999 Apr 20 '15 at 16:40

This shortcut has been replaced by CMD+E on OS X and CTRL+E on PC.

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If you open Help - Keyboard Shortcuts menu in Cloud9 Ide you see a lot of shortcuts. Some of them don't work in google chrome, some of them don't work in Firefox. And there is no Alt-Shift-R in that list. So it is seemingly obsolete.

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