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I hear people are using Windows 7 even before its released and liking it. Any ideas where I can get my copy?

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The RTM version is only being distributed to OEMs and MSDN or TechNet subscribers. Windows 7 will be released in 3 days. On the 22th, this Thursday.

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Windows 7 RTM available to Microsoft partners via MSDN Library subscription.

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MSDN and Technet subscribers were given early access to Windows 7 downloads, and developers who attended certain Microsoft conferences were given copies of Windows 7 Ultimate.

Edit: Also, if you recently purchased a computer from a company like Dell or HP, it's possible you qualify for a free or cheap OEM upgrade. I applied for the upgrade on a new HP laptop - it was simple and painless (just had to upload a copy of the receipt) and HP will be mailing me the disc once it's released.

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On October 22, Windows 7 will be widely available and you can buy it directly from Microsoft.

The cheapest option at the moment seems to buy the upgrade directly from Microsoft Store, where it's billed as a promotion.

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Anyone can download the Windows 7 Enterprise 90-day Trial which is the final release version of the product.

Microsoft do disclaim:

"We do not recommend that you install this if you are a not an IT Professional or not professionally managing corporate networks"

(but who worrys about disclaimers :¬)

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I tried this one but I prefer Win 7 Ultimate RTM.Because Enterprise Version have some negative options. – NT. Oct 19 '09 at 15:42
The trial is not upgradable to a working copy after the expire-date, beware of that! – jishi Oct 19 '09 at 15:52

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