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I have a pg_hba.conf.sample file, but no pg_hba.conf file. I want to make one and put it in the right place. Where do I put pg_hba.conf?

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According to EnterpriseDB documentation (Chapter 18.2 File locations):

By default, all three configuration files are stored in the database cluster's data directory.

have a look in your postgres.conf for the 'data_directory' setting

another way to get the location of your data_directory is to execute a SQL query with admin privileges

For example:

postgres=# SHOW data_directory;

and it might look as follows:

[root@host /var/pgsql/data]# ls
base    pg_clog      pg_ident.conf  pg_notify  pg_stat_tmp  pg_tblspc    PG_VERSION  postgresql.conf
global  pg_hba.conf  pg_multixact   pg_serial  pg_subtrans  pg_twophase  pg_xlog     postmaster.opts

If the pg_hba.conf is not present here, put it into the directory which has been provided by the SHOW data_directory SQL query

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