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How to emulate the mouse without a real mouse on X?

i know about shift+num lock but i'm using a half keyboard that does not have a num pad or even the num lock key...

i'm looking for something native that i can just turn on or maybe quickly add to xorg.conf. For now i will do the complex solution (install xdo and assign a bunch of hotkeys to invoke xdo scripts to move cursor and click) but i'd love to know the simple way to do that.

PS: if anyone from stackexchange see this: it's very hard to login using the keyboard only as the openid thing you guys use does not have a visible focus nor screen reader hints.

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i'm wondering too.. i'd like to have the arrow (or whatever defined) keys moving cursor pointer temporarily when a special key combination is being pressed down.. – mykhal Oct 10 '13 at 9:56

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