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I have several good filters for Adblock Plus. How to move the filter preferences to Firefox on other machine?

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If there aren't many filters, you could just click edit on the filters you want, paste them to or any site you want and add them in the other machine. Alternatively, depending on your adblock plus version, you can create a backup file of your filters by right clicking on the adblock plus icon, then on filter preferences, selecting the custom filters tab, then clicking on backup and restore and creating a new backup file, uploading it somewhere and downloading on the new machine. Tell me if there is that option on your adblock, if there is I'll add an answer. – Alex Mar 28 '13 at 3:06
Yes, I have Backup and Restore buttons on both Firefoxes. Plz, add an answer. – user4035 Mar 28 '13 at 9:52
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Press Ctrl + Shift + F or click the red Adblock Plus icon and then Filter Options to open the filters window. Now you can do one of the following:

  1. If you have only a few filters.

    Select the filter you want to backup and press Ctrl + R or click on the Actions button and then Show/Hide Filter. Then click Ctrl + A to select everything and Ctrl + C to copy. Paste it to pastebin or any other website or to a text file and save it on a flash drive or something. Create a new filter on the other computer and simply paste what you backed up on pastebin.

  2. If you have a lot of filters.

    In that same filters window, click Ctrl + E or go to Backup and Restore > Create new backup to create a backup copy, save it on a flash drive, upload it whatever, and on the new computer, on that same filter window, click Ctrl + I or Backup and Restore > Load file to select a backup file - load the file you saved and that will load your previous filters. Just make sure you do this both under the regular Filters tab and under the Custom filters tab.

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