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I originally posted this at Stack Overflow but I thought it would be more appropriate here:

My LPT? printer (HP Deskjet 420) is indenting text when I print to it:

echo -e "this is text" > /dev/lp0
echo -e "moretext" > /dev/lp0
echo -e "also text" > /dev/lp0


this is text

How do I have each line be directly below the line before?

Using Lubuntu with bash.

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To fix this problem, enable the newline (-n) flag when echoing text, and follow every command with


What this does is the command makes a newline manually then prints a carriage return, which literally returns the print carriage to the beginning of the new line. Example bash code:

echo -e -n "this is text\n\r" > /dev/lp0
echo -e -n "moretext\n\r" > /dev/lp0
echo -e -n "also text\n\r" > /dev/lp0

Should print:

this is text
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