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I have a Core i3 model of the dell laptop.There is a webcam placed on top of the laptop.It becomes usable automatically when I am trying to place a pic on some social media site or something.How do I use it to take pictures when I want? How do I start this camera? There is no option in my system that allows me to use this.I could'nt find any software for using this.Please help me.I have a windows 7 installed on my system.

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You can install something like Photo booth

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please change your answer so it becomes as constructive as possible. Also, is there any reason to use that particular software? – Lorenzo Von Matterhorn Mar 28 '13 at 12:52
No, there is no reason to use that particular software. I said "something like". – Ck- Apr 2 '13 at 5:35

If you type your service tag code into the dell website under the support / drivers section you'll be able to download the utilities that normally ship with your laptop. On there will be the software for controlling the webcam. If I recall correctly the dell webcam software lets you put virtual hats / masks on etc.

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