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Is there a good whatever-music-file to .cda converter for windows? I usually use AVS but lately surpisingly I found that there is no option to .cda conversion.

Any suggestion will be more than welcome!

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You may want to rephrase your question in the form of "how do I convert X to Y" and explain what the two formats are. For example, what exactly are you starting with? What is the .cda format? As it is currently written your question is likely to be closed. –  Heptite Feb 23 at 20:42
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CDA is the Audio CD Format, using Windows Media Player you can burn a playlist to Audio CD. CDA extension is not playable on windows, its simply a reference to a track on CD.

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Thank you very much for your answer! The thing is that I tried with windows media player, but it burns all my .mp3 files to one .cda. –  Thanos Mar 28 '13 at 9:26
@Thanos: So are you trying to convert some other files to CDA, for whatever reason, or are you actually trying to convert from CDA to a playable format? If the latter, your question is confusing. –  Heptite Feb 23 at 20:46
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