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I have a linux server with spare bandwidth. I thought about running an rtorrent client and seeding some popular distros images. However, I can't allow myself to curtail the normal operation of the server (I'm only willing to spare "unused" bandwidth). I thought about using rtorrent and shaping traffic using tc. After reading a bit about it, it seems that what I want to do is to use the pfifo_fast qdisc and somehow mark all of the network traffic of rtorrent as having priority 2, while the normal http server having an higher priority. However, I couldn't find an easy way to do it.

Can someone point out the right (and hopefully simple) way to do it?

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I'm looking into a similar problem. The way to do it is to identify Bittorrent traffic so that iptables can handle it as a low-priority traffic class. If you can bind your Bittorrent client to a specific interface, you have an easy way to identify the Bittorrent traffic - it all comes through that interface. Likewise if you can specify inbound and inbound ports. Otherwise, you are left with looking at the packets to guess if they are Bittorrent traffic, using IPP2P and before passing the packets to iptables - but users report it does not catch everything.

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