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I'd like to use SimSun(宋体) font to display interpunct/middle dot ·, single quotes (curly) ‘’, double quotes (curly) “” characters in their full width forms, because it's easy to distinguish them from .(dot) '(single quote) "(double quote), and such distinguishable visibility is especially useful when typing code using input method, because input method can input ·‘’“” characters easily and made the code can't be compiled (char *str=“will not compile”;).

In gedit and geany and leafpad editor, set font to SimSun will make it work as expected.

Geany editor, SimSun font, full width forms

However in gnome-terminal, set font to SimSun does not get expected result. It seems gnome-terminal use another font to display their half width forms, or it seems they're just crowded together.

gnome-terminal, SimSun font, half width forms

I also tried lxterminal(LXDE) and Terminal(xfce) and ROXTerm, they displayed as the same as gnome-terminal did.

How to let these terminal emulators display punctuations in their full width forms like Geany does?

Sample text


Unicode code points (HEX)

   UTF16  UTF8
· 00B7   C2B7
‘ 2018   E28098
’ 2019   E28099
“ 201C   E2809C
” 201D   E2809D
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