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Any idea how to set up proxy in epiphany? Something like in firefox's preferences/advanced/network/connection?

edit: I guess it can be done in gnome settings? But won't this be system wide? I would like ONLY epiphany to use proxy and firefox and other browsers don't.

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Gnome socks proxy (instead of within epiphany). This will cause you all sorts of headaches with other apps, though (like apt, etc.)

Tell Gnome to use your Tunnel

You can tell all applications on your system to use this tunnel through Gnome’s network-proxy interface. It is located under System>Preferences>Network Proxy. You can set up the SOCKS proxy in the Network Proxy and apply the settings system wide

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Can't be done the way you want according to the Epiphany documentation

Perhaps you have to do it the other way round / find a browser other than Epiphany to use the proxy, which is not what you want but the best I can think of (dillo seems a rather recherche web browser that you aare probably not using and it will use a proxy if you set it up in your ~/.dillo/dillorc configuration file).

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Where on that documentation page are you referring to? – SabreWolfy Jul 4 '12 at 10:40

You can try environment variables, if your gnome version allows you to set the proxy to "detect automatically" or "system" or something similiar. Then programs should respect the http_proxy variable and you can try

$ http_proxy=yourproxy epiphany
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