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I have a PC running Windows Vista (probably will upgrade to Windows 7 shortly) in one room of my home and a large screen HDTV in another. I can't run a line from the PC to the TV for various reasons and most of the time I'll continue to use the PC with its own monitor; but there are times I'd like to switch to the big screen (for gaming or occasionally for writing.)

Is there a device that I can set up that will allow me to use my wireless network to broadcast the screen to the TV? I have a wireless keyboard/mouse so if I can get the video to send, I should be able to just move between rooms. I looked at the SlingCatcher but I don't know that it would work with sending game video. Ideas?

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You can achieve this with a wireless computer to TV adapter.

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Theres this http://www.x10.com/products/x10%5Fvk73a.htm But its kinda buggy :(

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