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I have a large set of printed documents of images that have a placeholder in order to put the image's code number. Documents are in A4 paper size.

I scanned one of them and passed to Photoshop CS 5 in order to edit. I want to write into the empty space of the placeholder, but whatever i tried does not match the exact point of the original document.

What i am doing now is open the image with Photoshop, add the text i want to the empty space and then remove(make layer not visible) the image in order to print on to the original document only the text i added. Then i add to the printer the original document and print the text, but it does not fit to the space it supposed to.

Any suggestions on how to add the text to the same position of the original document?

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Rescan using OCR (Optical Character Recognition) so that the entire document is editable text? Or are you trying to alter and add to the document so it looks like your addition is part of the original (as if you had never scanned and added anything)? – Bon Gart Mar 29 '13 at 20:08
Yes i am trying to add the image code number so it looks like the addition is part of the original. There is not text in the document, just images and below each one i want to add it's code number. – Vassilis Barzokas Mar 30 '13 at 20:01

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