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I've got a Synology 2-bay NAS (DS213). Initially I added a single 3 TB disk. It was configured with SHR (with no data protection). I have some data in it too.

Now I've got a new disk, and have added it into the 2nd bay.

Is it possible to add this new drive into the same Volume?

My goal is to ensure that data protection can be enabled.

When I open the DSM Storage Manager application, the Manage button is disabled for the volume.

How can I add the new disk to the existing volume?

enter image description here

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I guess it is not possible. I had to take backup of the data to a external USB drive, and then recreate the volume using both the harddisks. And then copy back the data into the new volume.
Now its working fine.

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I know you found a solution, but in case others read this, they should know that it ought to be possible to expand the existing volume (or disk group) - see this Synology tutorial for the details:

In particular beware that the new disk you add to the volume has be at least the same size as the existing disk in your volume - otherwise you will not be allowed to expand your existing volume. From the Synology link:

  • For SHR: The capacity of the hard drive you wish to add must be equal to or larger than the largest hard drive in the volume or disk group.
  • For RAID 5 and RAID 6: The capacity of the hard drive you wish to add must be equal to or larger than the smallest hard drive in the volume or disk group.
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I can confirm that the steps above link worked for me. I just added a second drive to a DS213j (two bays). Had to shut it down while installing the drive (it's not hot-swap), and then go into Storage Manager to add the new disk to the Volume. It took about six hours (overnight) to sync the new drive, but it was still accessible while that was happening. My RAID type is SHR, and it now shows "data protection of 1-disk fault tolerance". – PointZeroTwo Nov 12 '15 at 15:14

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