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I have a few Open Office spreadsheet files (let us call them source files), each containing the financial info of a particular office of ours. I also have a summary spreadsheet, that reads some key data about the offices and does some analysis. For the analysis, I would like to know also, how outdated the individual source files, when was the last time the offices updated their data. Is there a way to access the "Last time modified" and/or "Time of creation" file system properties of the source files from Open Office, and import the date into a given cell?

Alternative solutions are also OK, as long as I get the date of last change of the source files into the cells of the summary spreadsheet.

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The closest thing I've found for libreoffice is the NOW() function. The internet has many Excel-related answers that require visual basic. See for example

Hope you (and I!) get a good answer some day, but 9 months on I suppose we will have to live without a bit longer...

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