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In Windows Sound settings, is it possible to set the default settings for a sound playback device, such as the speaker configuration (7.1 vs Stereo) and the "Default Format" (e.g., 24 bit 48000Hz)?

If not, is there a way to configure a device so that it doesn't revert settings when the monitor is turned off? I have an HDMI-connected sound device that reverts to a Stereo/16bit/44000Hz configuration.

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I think so:

  • Open up playback devices in the audio settings
  • right-click your device
  • click properties
  • go to the advanced tab
  • There is a "Default Format" group box.
  • Select what you want and hit apply!

I tried it with my headphones, unplugged them and then plugged them back in. They stayed to the changed format.

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Unfortunately, this doesn't set "defaults" -- this merely applies a setting to the current configuration. Upon rebooting the computer, the true "defaults" are restored (2.1 speaker config, 16bit/44Khz format). I'm trying to find where to permanently change and lock the defaults I need. – Coldblackice Aug 10 '13 at 17:45

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