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I booted a guest vm on xen, and I want to assign guest-domU's hostname in config file. like this


It is a kernel command line to setting netboot networking environment.

It works fine on gentoo. Some codes in the file /etc/init.d/hostname are

  hostname $hostname

That will assign netboot hostname into real hostname.

But! on ubuntu 12, the script /etc/init/hostname.conf(upstart) only get the hostname value in /etc/hostname, or it will be none...

I've tried that edit the /etc/init/hostname.conf on ubuntu like

exec hostname=${hostname-${HOSTNAME-localhost}}
exec hostname "$hostname"

but it doesn't work...

Any help will be appreciated!! Thanks!

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I come here to answer my question... I should not erase all contents in /etc/init/hostname.conf(ubuntu), and write the same code of /etc/init.d/hostname(gentoo) into it. the original /etc/init/hostname.conf is

exec hostname -b -F /etc/hostname 

the workable hostname.conf is

export hostname=${hostname-${HOSTNAME-localhost}}
exec hostname $hostname

On Ubuntu, I should not direct assign variable like hostname=xxx, and I should prepend export to it.

It looks really stupid... haha.

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