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I've noticed that torrents with a lot of seeds are downloaded with the slow speed (10-50 Kb/s). Why does it happen?

For example, I'm downloading 3 torrents with uTorrent 3.3:

  1. Seeds: 17 of 168 (512 swarm). Peers: 9 of 3000 (771 in swarm). Speed 10 Kb/s
  2. Seeds: 7 of 35 (0 in swarm). Peers: 28 of 517 (0 in swarm). Speed 2 Mb/s
  3. Seeds: 37 of 83 (0 in swarm). Peers: 1 of 379 (0 in swarm). Speed 2 Mb/s
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Your download speed doesn't only depend on the number of seeds, but also on their speed. You could be lucky and have one that gives you 2 MB/s but it could also happen that you have 10 who only give you 1Kb/s each.

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yes, it's not news for me; I know and I'm sure that the torrent with 10 kb/s has thousands of seeds. – Vasa Blin Mar 30 '13 at 12:43
but you are only connected to 17 – André Stannek Mar 30 '13 at 13:32

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