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I might just be dumb, but according to there is a standalone (or portable) version that one can get of GnuPG. That is, there is a version of GnuPG that doesn't require any installation and which should be able to run from for example a USB-key.

However, I don't seem to be able to find it.

I am on 64 bit Windows 7 Home Premium edition.

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I've not used any of these so cannot vouch for them, but here's a few I found. Some of these are PGP tools:

InstantCrypt says that has issues on Win 7.

GnuPT is portable and claims to work with Windows 7. Website in German but when installed, it supports English.

PPGP uses Java.

I think the portable version of GnuPG is one that you'd need to compile yourself, possibly only with support for *nix.

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