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The export playlist feature gives a text file that doesn't seem easily importable. Ideally it would export as an m3u or something similar.

So, how can I export iTunes playlists for use with other media players?

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Are you sure you didn't miss something? Seems iTunes has had the ability to export playlists in M3U format for some time now:


Just in case that doesn't work for some reason, there are always third party apps such as iTunes Export or iExporter.

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The instructions on the linked page are somewhat unnecessary. You can just right click on the playlist and select "Export". Bam. – Mar 31 '13 at 21:34 Thanks for the info. I wouldn't touch iTunes with a barge-pole personally, but I'm sure the OP will be happy to know. :) – Karan Mar 31 '13 at 21:50
thank you so much... i don't know why i assumed that just because it was defaulting to text file output meant that was the only option :) – Michael Bishop Mar 31 '13 at 21:57

I don't know about exporting playlists out of iTunes, but Winamp can pull them into a format you can either keep in Winamp, or pull out as an M3U. It has the ability to import iTunes playlists from a fresh install, where it should ask you to import your existing iTunes library & playlists. It also has the ability to import both from the library menu, should you already have Winamp installed.

Here's a great write-up with instructions from January 2013:

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Try this github Project:



A webapp that lets you convert Itunes Library.xml playlists to m3u playlists.

How to Convert to m3u

  • Enable XML File for your Itunes Library in Itunes Settings.
  • Browse for your Itunes Library xml File.
  • Once selected the page will automatically load all the playlists from your Library file.
  • To SELECT a playlist, click on the save file icon above the playlist name on the left of the panel below.
  • Select all the playlists required for download in .m3u format, and click on download.
  • Playlists will then be downloaded in a zip format.
  • Tested with iTunes v12 or 2014+ to latest version 2016

Opens locally in browser, and no installation required!

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